Mediation provides the ability for two or more people in a disagreement to meet with an independent third party mediator to discuss their issues and attempt to work together to find a solution for everyone involved. 

Christopher J. Unruh is an experienced mediator, particularly in the area of family law.  In 2018, he obtained a Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation from Conrad Grebel University College.  

Whether you are having difficulty resolving a family law, estate, or any other kind of dispute, we are happy to discuss how we may be able to assist you. 

We also provide legal advice for people in the process of mediation with other mediators, and have the unique perspective of assisting people from both sides of the mediation table.   

However, we cannot provide mediation services for anyone we have given legal advice to.  We can act as a mediator for multiple individuals, or as a legal adviser for one side of a dispute, but not both.