Family Law

We recognize that family law issues can be difficult and stressful for couples and their children.  As your lawyer, I will be committed to listening to your concerns and working with you to find practical solutions that fit the needs of your family.

There are several benefits that couples can obtain by resolving their matters outside of court.  Negotiated settlements are often more satisfying, more permanent, less expensive, and less stressful when compared with court-based resolutions.

If you have been able to reach an agreement independently, we are pleased to provide independent legal advice and/or assist with the preparation of a separation agreement or cohabitation agreement/marriage contract to ensure that your agreement is enforceable and your rights are protected.

We also have considerable experience in assisting our clients with resolving any issues that are in dispute through negotiation with the other party or their lawyer, without proceeding to court.

When you are having difficulty negotiating an agreement, there are also a range of alternative dispute resolutions available to assist you.

We are experienced in offering our clients the full range of alternative dispute resolution options available, including:

Collaborative family law




When negotiated settlements are not possible, we can assist you with navigating your way through the litigation process.

We recognize that facing the family court system can be intimidating and stressful.  We will work with you to demystify the legal process and to obtain the best result for you and your family as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible.

I have experience representing clients in both the Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice on the following matters:

Divorce applications (including joint divorces)

Custody, access and developing parenting plans


Child support and changes to child support

Spousal support and changes to spousal support

Division and equalization of property

Equitable property claims for common law spouses

Dependent’s relief applications

We are committed to working towards access to justice for all families in Fergus, Elora, Guelph and the surrounding areas, regardless of income.

To assist our lower and middle-income clients, we are pleased to offer:

Free consultations for up to one-hour.

Limited scope retainers: This service is for clients representing themselves, but who need some legal advice or assistance along the way (i.e. with preparing court documents or with representation for a specific court appearance such as an important motion).

Legal aid certificates: Our firm accepts legal aid certificates on a case-by-case basis.